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Bob Dylan in London reveals the profound effect the city had on him, and his lasting legacy on London's music scene. The book celebrates his journey, and allows readers to experience Dylan's London, following in his footsteps, to places such as the King and Queen pub (the first venue that Dylan performed at in London), the Savoy Hotel, and Camden Town. It demonstrates just how 1960s London influenced one of the greatest musicians of his generation.

Be sure to come and join us on what will be a wonderful evening.

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As a football fan, there are those seasons which remain indelibly inscribed in the memory. Simply unforgettable. The 2006/07 season remains one of those for fans of West Ham United. A season that began with such promise: Alan Pardew signed two genuine world-class players ahead of the kick-off, but little did the Argentinian pair of Carlos Tevez and Javier Mascherano know they joined a season-long relegation battle. Roll forward to the business end, and with nine matches left to play the Hammers looked doomed. Seven wins from those nine made it arguably the greatest escape in English top-flight history. A season so memorable for all the wrong reasons: going two months without a goal; 11 games without a win; snatching defeat from the jaws of victory against your biggest rivals. Then having survived, on the final day by winning at Old Trafford, extra-time in the courts, with the rest of football saying you had cheated, and the table did lie. The Greatest Escape is the story of the highs, lows and controversies that were the 2006/07 season.


When four young friends went on a drinking holiday to Ireland in March 1971, they had no idea that their idle notion of starting a campaign to push for better beer choice would capture the public mood and grow into Europe's biggest single-issue consumer movement. In its landmark 50th year, CAMRA celebrates how a group of beer lovers turned an industry on its head, saved this country's unique beer style, for and became the voice of the beer, and cider consumer.


Heartbreaking yet ultimately uplifting,Gary's collection of tender illustrations, born from the tragic loss of his wife, document his grief and family life, with grace and beauty. When his wife, Joy, died very suddenly, a daily drawing became the way Gary dealt with his grief.

'If ever there was something created from the heart, this is it. A remarkable book that charts the journey of grief with warmth, compassion and humour. For those of us who have experienced loss, it offers comfort and hope. Despite the story of loss, there is so much joy in these pages.' - Jason Watkins, BAFTA award-winning actor.

Finding Joy is the story of how one family learned to live again after tragedy.