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Chess at The Bookshop


Chess Sets

We have beautiful chess sets available to buy.

A fully weighted, Staunton design Chess set (as seen in our window) is available for £200.

An every day chess set, with roll-up board, is available for £28.

Competition standard timer clocks are available for £70.

chess board.jpg

Youth Chess - for kids of all ages!

(Our youngest player is 5, our oldest player is in his eighties...)

Sunday mornings, 10.30am, £5 per session.

Tuesday evenings: 6.30pm

£5 visitors fee; £40 for the season

Adult Chess

Tuesday evenings, 7.30pm

£5 visitors fee; £50 for the season

Private Chess Lessons

Contact the shop for more information.

The EGBCC now has it's own website which you can visit here!

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